How to Be Successful

No Matter What You Do Today

Photo by LJ Black

Don’t be lazy.

Among all the random, screeching trains of thought that constantly swirl around the curves of my skull, that one is the most persistent one. Sometimes it’s a steady strum, other times — an impatient shriek. I realized this morning as I’m setting the glass pitcher on the hood of my husband’s white truck (placed on a thicker hand towel that’s been doubled over for extra security), that “Don’t Be Lazy” mantra was powering every step I made that morning. Hell, EVERY morning.

Success is a spectrum.

There are no shortcuts to success — whatever form success means to you. To most, success will be defined as making money. And in that endeavor, I wish them the best of luck. But to others, success is a spectrum. Success can be getting that DIY project done today, or spending time grading papers, or reading that book that’s been on your nightstand for six months (guilty). And still for others, success can even just be getting out of bed today.

Success is a state of mind.

I made my bed today — success! I wrote a blog piece — success! I took the time to solve a puzzle, or spent time with my children — success! I turned in my thesis — success! Other’s successes are just as important, too. My father finished his last round of chemo — success! My friend in Singapore reopened their bar and had a great night at work — success! My child remembered to brush his teeth without having me remind him — success! I like to celebrate success, no matter how big or small, because you never know what obstacles were overcome to make that moment happen.

Wife. Mother to an autistic son and an adopted daughter. Alpha female to my pack of dogs & lover of nature. Eagerly searching for that perfect Prosecco.

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